Race-Baiting Crackpot Gives Interview

Drudge has become very weird. From an interview with Alex Jones:

"We never really heard of ISIS until recently and I remember when that name first started coming up. Do you know that it was designed to be confused with Darrell Issa? Did you know that's what it was. Because Darrell Issa was the enemy at the time of this administration. [...] They came up with the name ISIS to be confused with Darrell Issa. I'm really being hinest with you. I remember the first time Christiane Amanpour sputtered out this word ISIS thinking did she get that one? [...] And then the President going it's not even ISIS, it's ISIL or IS. This Dr. Seuss. This is madness."

One has to assume that he takes too many drugs. 


  1. Wow, sometimes I agree with you but at other times I do wonder what drugs you are on.

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  3. Using Althouse to link to your own screed denouncing Drudge... simultaneously ironic and pathetic.